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189 Skilled Independent Permanent Visa

Applicants must meet the core requirements including:

  1. Points Test – Points are awarded for a number of factors including:
  • Age – Must be less than 50 years of age with higher points for younger applicants
  • English language skills – a minimum standard applies
  • Post high school qualifications
  • Work experience in the nominated occupation or closely related occupation
  • Other
  1. Nominating an occupation on the current Skilled occupation List (SOL)
  2. Meeting a formal skill assessment for the nominated occupation
  3. Be invited to apply for the visa after lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI). Applicants with the highest points score will receive first priority in being invited.

Once the visa is granted the applicant will be a full permanent resident permitting multiple- entry travel, full work rights in any occupation and full access to the government Medicare health scheme.

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