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May 2017


No! Australia has not cut out temporary residence work visas.

  • Working visas for up to 4-years are still available and will be continuing
  • The recent press announcements by the Australian Government related to the decision to drop the 457 visa and replace it with two separate working visa streams.
  • Transition to full permanent residence will still be possible from the 4-year temporary residence visa stream.
  • Occupations still available include Cooks, Marketing Specialists, Printing machinists etc.

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  • The Government announced some significant changes to Australian citizenship requirements, which are effective immediately from 20 April 2017
  • The waiting time after the grant of permanent residence has increased from 12 months to 4 years.
  • More strict requirements have been introduced relating to embracing Australian values and minimum English language competency (6 in IELTS)

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(Employer Nomination 186 visa and Regional Sponsored Migration visa 187)

  • CHANGES TO OCCUPATION LISTS – A number of changes were made to the list of occupations, which may be nominated by employers. 
  • WORK EXPERIENCE AND AGE LIMITS – New requirements are being introduced in the months ahead

 Nominations for 186 direct entry visa applicants may only be made for occupations on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) as from 19 April 2017

MINIMUM WORK EXPERIENCE – At least three years’ relevant work experience for 186 and 187 visa applicants’ will be required from March 2018. 

  • Applicants for the 186 visa via direct entry pathway must be under 45 years of age from 1 July 2017

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  • 3 AND 5 YEAR VISITOR VISA – These visas will become available from November 3 2017. 
  • PARENT VISAS PROCESSING TIMES – Applicants for other than the Contributing Parent visa have virtually no chance of achieving a parent visa due to the inordinate waiting period. 

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WHICH COURSE TO CHOOSE- With an eye to the future, students should give very careful attention to their chosen course to ensure they have good prospects for employment in the years ahead.

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