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Partner Visas

juliaFiancé or Prospective Marriage Visas

This 9 months temporary visa is for persons who wish to marry their fiancé in Australia. An onshore partner visa (820) would be lodged within the 9 months period and after the formal marriage. A bridging visa would then be provided to enable the applicant to remain in Australia until a decision is made on the application. The 820 visa is a provisional spouse visa and will be reviewed at the end of a two year period to determine of the holder meets the requirements for full permanent residence based on the requirements of an 801 spouse visa.

Spouse visa 309

This visa is for applicants who are either married or have been in a genuine defacto relationship for a period of 12 months or more. This visa is for offshore applicants and the applicant must be offshore at the time of application and at the time of decision. Once the visa is granted the applicant will hold a provisional spouse visa which will be reviewed after two years. If the visa office is satisfied that the relationship is genuine and continuing, a full permanent residence visa will be granted.

Spouse visa 820

This visa is for applicants who are onshore at the time of application. A bridging visa will be granted at the time of approval of application to enable the applicant to remain in Australia until a decision on the provisional spouse visa is made. As with the 309 visa, a review of the relationship will be made in two years time and if the visa office is satisfied, full permanent residence will be granted.

For couples who have been in a long term relationship, full permanent residence may be granted without the need for a review after two years holding the provisional spouse visa. This applied to both the 309 and 820 visa applicants. A long term relationship is one that has existed for at least three years, or two years if the couple has a child.

Limitation on Sponsorship

Sponsors who have sponsored another partner or were themselves sponsored for a partner visa, are banned from sponsoring another partner within 5 years of the previous application. In addition, the sponsor is only allowed to sponsor 2 partners in a lifetime and they must be 5 years apart on each application. Both of these criteria can be waived in specific circumstances and we have the expertise and experience to seek waivers for these circumstances.

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