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Parent Visas

These visas are for Parents wishing to migrate to Australia and who have been sponsored by their Australian resident children.

Balance of Family test

The application must be sponsored by a child, who must be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident who is living in Australia. The parents must also meet the Balance of Family test. This means either:

  • At least half of their children are living lawfully and permanently in Australia, or
  • There are more children living lawfully and permanently in Australia than in any other single country overseas.

There are two general streams for Parent visas; Firstly the Standard Stream and secondly the Contributing Parent stream. The Government’s priorities in relation to parent visas leads to a situation where the only realistic stream is the Contributing Parent stream.

The Standard parent visa stream is the less costly option but the waiting period for these visas is so long that many applicants are likely to die of old age before the visa application is considered. There is no fixed processing time. A minimum period of 15 years can be expected but more likely, many years more.

The Contributing Parent stream is the only realistic option for permanent residence, but the total costs are very high. For a couple the visa application charges plus the contribution fee and refundable bonds (after 10 years) would amount to approximately $105,000.

The good thing about the Contributing Parent visa is that it is likely to be finalized within 12 to 18 months.

Parent visas are usually applied from overseas unless the applicant meets the definition of ‘aged parent’. An aged parent is a parent who is old enough to be granted an Australian age pension. For both men and women the minimum age is now 65 years. Aged parents will usually be entitled to a bridging visa that will allow them to remain in Australia

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