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402 Training and Research Visa

The Occupational Trainee stream is for people who require structured training to either enhance their skills in their current occupation, area of tertiary study or field of expertise.

A detailed structured training plan for each individual trainee must be developed.

There is no skill assessment required and though not mandatory, clients should have sufficient English level (4.5 IELTS).

The duration of 402 visa is usually 1 year and up to maximum of 2 years.

This visa is beneficial to employer who cannot satisfy 457 visa salary requirement or the employee who cannot meet the 457 skills level.

Alternatively, this is beneficial for people who need Australian work experience in GSM if they are short of 5 points and just need 1 year Australian work experience.

Visa streams

  • Occupational Trainee stream: for people who need structured workplace-based training to enhance their skills in their current occupation, area of tertiary study, or field of expertise.
  • Professional Development stream: for professionals, managers or government officials invited to participate in a professional development training program in Australia. The program must have been arranged by an employer outside Australia and usually lasts up to 18 months.
  • Research stream: for professional academics invited to visit Australia to observe or participate in an Australian research project at an Australian tertiary or research institution.

To apply in the Occupational Trainee or Research stream: you and anyone included in your application can be in or outside Australia when you apply (except for professional Development stream. Here you must be outside Australia when you apply and at time of grant).

Applying in Australia: If you are inside Australia you must lodge your application in Australia.

Applying outside Australia: If you are outside Australia you must lodge your application outside Australia.

You may be in or outside Australia at time of grant regardless of where the visa has been lodged.

Applicants need to demonstrate that they have sufficient English language skills to participate in the training.

Applications may be made for any other visa whilst holding the 402 visa. Where the occupational training has been on a fully paid basis at the minimum level, applicants may gain points for their Australian work experience or meet the requirements for a full skill assessment from Vetassess.

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