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457 Work visa (Temporary residence)

dhom-457-visaSkilled overseas workers who have a willing sponsor, may be nominated for a skilled occupation shown on the very wide Consolidated Skilled occupation list (CSOL). These visas can be for periods up to 4 years duration.

Dependent family members of the principal visa applicant may be included in the visa application.

After working for the same sponsoring employer for a period of two years, whilst holding the 457 visa, that same employer may nominate you and your dependent family members for full permanent residence.

Visa process…First step – Sponsorship

The prospective employer seeks approval as a Business Sponsor (unless they are already approved) and meets the following key requirements:

  • Provide evidence that the business is lawfully operating and has the financial ability to meets its ongoing obligations to the employee.
  • Shows that the business satisfies the Training Benchmark which is based upon the total annual “payroll” of the business. Businesses which have been operating for less than 12 months may need to pay 2% of the projected payroll to an approved training body. Businesses operating for more than 12 months need to show only 1% of the payroll has been accrued as expenditure on training Australian resident employees.
  • Have no previous history of failing to meet the lawful requirements relating to employee terms and conditions.

Second step – Nomination

Once the Business Sponsorship is approved a Nomination may be considered for the prospective employee. This process includes:

  • Nomination of a specific occupation on the consolidated Skilled Occupation List.
  • Demonstrate a “genuine need” for this skilled position.
  • Provide evidence of labour market testing to show that there are no suitable and willing Australian resident workers in the area and also to determine the “Market Rate” of remuneration for that particular position.
  • Provide evidence that a remuneration of not less than $53,900 per annum or the “Market Rate”, which ever is the higher, will be provided to the Nominee.

Third step – Visa application

Once the Nomination has been approved a visa application for the Nominee and all dependent family members can be considered. Evidence required to support the visa application includes:

  • Evidence that the applicant has the required skill level such as formal qualifications, for the Nominated occupation. A minimum period of work experience in a closely related occupation may be accepted as a substitute for formal qualifications. Trade occupations or occupations requiring registration or licencing, such as medical occupations, may require a formal skill assessment from the relevant body.
  • Satisfy the minimum English language skills set for 457 visa applicants, but not including dependant family members.
  • Provide evidence of having arranged for full private health insurance for the principal applicant and all dependent family members. – We are able to assist in arranging this cover with monthly payments of the insurance premium.
  • All family members are to satisfy the health and character checks required for the visa approvals.

Note: Applicants may be inside or outside Australia when the visa is applied for and/or granted, provided there are no restrictions on a current visa held by any of the applicants.

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