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Immigration Advice Centre

We provide professional advice on all matters relating to Australian
visas, both temporary residence and permanent residence

Employment Visas

Australian employers sponsoring qualified workers

Skilled Visas

Skilled workers who want to work and live in Australia

Business Visas

Apply for a visa to conduct business visits

Family Visas

Apply for a visa to sponsor your family to live in Australia

Who are we?

We are known for providing comprehensive, personalised immigration and visa advice for people who wish to migrate to Australia.

We work with employers, individuals & families on applications for:

  • temporary residence
  • permanent residence
  • employment

We work with employers with nominations for:

  • business sponsorship

We are formally registered with the Australian Federal Government as immigration advisors.

We work closely with regulatory authorities to provide information that is:

  • current
  • accurate
  • relevant to your individual circumstances

What do we do?

We help individuals and families to:

  • understand the different types of Australian visas
  • consider the wide range of personal and work-related factors that influence your visa application
  • select the most appropriate visa to apply for in your particular situation
  • complete the visa application correctly
We help employers to:
  • understand the requirements for employment visas
  • appreciate your legal responsibilities as a business sponsor
  • confirm the eligibility of your proposed nominee
  • structure your nomination correctly and effectively

How can we help?

Please contact us by email .

Tell us a little about your situation and why you are interested in coming to Australia.

We will respond promptly and ask further questions that will help us gain a full understanding of your circumstances.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks to the Team at Dyson and Associates for securing our future

Thanks to the Team at Dyson and Associates for securing our future

We provide professional advice on all types of Australian visas

What type of visa or advice do you need?

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